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LIFE and Third Countries - the positive impact of LIFE-TCY

LIFE and Third Countries (photo: LIFE94 TCY/INT/988)This month?s LIFEnews focuses on the theme of LIFE and Third Countries (LIFE-TCY) to mark the end of this particular strand of the LIFE programme. It is a time to reflect on the positive impact of LIFE-TCY projects in promoting awareness and capacity to confront environmental challenges beyond the borders of the EU. This is further elaborated in the recent LIFE Focus publication on LIFE-TCY 1992-2006, ?Supporting Europe's neighbours in building capacity of environmental policy and action?.

LIFE projects
Improving waste management in St. Petersburg

Initiating separate waste collection in St. Petersburg in 2005-2006 (photo: LIFE02 TCY/ROS/039) Many LIFE-TCY projects focused on environmental capacity building in countries in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Others, such as a project to establish solid waste pollution management in St. Petersburg, looked to tackle specific environmental challenges.

Environmental capacity building in the Lebanon

Capacity building is the principal objective of more than one third of all LIFE-TCY projects. Since 1993, the programme has funded ten projects directly focused on raising environmental awareness and capacity in the Lebanon. Read more >>

Tackling wastewater treatment in Tunisian tanneries

LIFE-TCY projects covered European countries outside of the EU as well as countries in the Middle East and North Africa. One such project aimed to promote and improve the use of wastewater treatment technologies in the tannery industry in Tunisia. Read more >>


First LIFE+ call for proposals: final application package now available
Kick-off of the LIFE website?s thematic approach ? Thematic pages on energy now online
Military training areas can provide suitable habitats for endangered species
Tiermes Caracena Valley provides a successful model of eco-tourism
European sustainable energy award competition open
The Biofuel Cities European Partnership is launched

Forthcoming events

Eurosite conference: ?Rehabilitation of Natural Areas?

Official opening of Constructed Wetlands for treating sewage in the Ketura Valley

Presentation of LIFE projects in Israel

High level conference on business and biodiversity


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  Best LIFE-Environment Projects 2006-2007

Best LIFE-Environment Projects 2006-2007

New LIFE project summaries

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